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This is my first yelp review I have never felt moved in the past to take time out of my day. 
Wendy is Amazing! 
I was suffering from constant and sometimes severe (headache, vomiting) neck pain. I tried Chiropractic for about 3 months. The pain was reduced at best and aways came back. I googled some possible solutions to my problem. Massage therapy was at the top of the list. I remembered that we had received a visit from 2 massage therapists that work out of our same business park. After a few sleepless nights I made an appointment  for a late afternoon massage. 

Wow!... Wendy found and concentrated on areas that I didn't even realize could "refer" neck pain. After getting my first massage I realized that my pain was due to tense muscles pulling in every direction, including forearm muscles that were as tight as rubber bands. By the time I had my 2nd therapy session my neck was in less pain than it had been in 6 months. I still go for regular maintenance and have referred several people to Wendy and they agree it is the best massage experience they have ever had.
Wendy's knowledge,professionalism and concern make her a true star in her line of work. Call and make an appointment today. You will be a fan too.

Rick L.

Ontario, CA



This is not a typical turn-and-burn massage place, it's the real deal.  Wendy really knows what she's doing and enjoys helping/healing you.  You absolutely won't regret going!

Ashley V.

Covina, CA



I am not a regular to massages but Wendy has definitely  changed that! The environment was clean, relaxing, comfortable...just a beautiful set up.  Wendy is very professional and asks all the right questions to make your experience the best it can be.  The real deal indeed!  Go see her, you will not regret it.

L M.

Moreno Valley, CA



Holistic Touch Massage is just that, holistic touch.  Wendy takes the time to get to know you, your stressors, injures, and needs.  She has an intuitive aspect to her practice.  Her touch is relaxing and light, yet with deep benefits.  You aren't in pain during the massage or after.  Her studio is extremely clean and serene.  I highly recommend Wendy.

Cambria O.

Riverside, CA



Since being a client of Wendy's, I have regained my confidence in the healing benefits of massage therapy. After years of being disappointed by my inability to find a therapist who could bring relief from pain associated with various injuries, I can honestly attest to Wendy's massage and stretching techniques. She has a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology, various massage modalities and coupled with her genuine care and concern for individuals; Wendy is the most effective massage therapist I have ever had. Holistic Touch Massage by Wendy is professional, clean, has a flexible schedule and very affordable.

Sara K.

Chino Hills, CA



Wendy is awesome when I first went I was very stressed out and the massage was excellent and it really makes a difference.  You must get one you will not regret it.

Gabriela V.

Montclair, CA



When chiropractors and doctors couldn't help with my migraines and back pain, Wendy's holistic approach started to releave my pain even after the first visit. Now I visit her just to keep my body functioning pain free and full of energy. Thanks Wendy!

Sara Jo Dickens.

Riverside, Ca



I have adhesive capsulitis, which is a painful and debilitating shoulder disorder. Neither weeks of PT nor steroid injections had helped with pain or range of motion. One 30 minute cupping session (with some myofascial release) gave me instant increase in ROM, the ability to rotate my shoulder, and some pain relief. None of which had been achievable through conventional therapies. Wendy's knowledge of cupping, massage, and the disorder (which was not understood by a previous MT) made a difference, more so than anyone else has.

Wendy explains herself well and wants her client to feel comfortable. From my experience with massage therapists, she is reasonably priced.

Now I just need to find someone in my current home town who understands my disorder as well as she does who is also as reasonably priced.

Dayna D.

Upland, CA



Wendy is truely amazing! As a massage therapist myself I know and understand how important it is to care for our body! I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on me, especially when doing myofascial release work! Wendy you truely are worth the drive from Temecula to Ontario! Thank you for always "fixing" me so that I can continue to work on my clients!

Marjorie O.

Temecula, CA



I've been looking for someone to massage me for two years and they have all fell short of what I needed. I am a holistic person who understands the body/mind/soul connection yet I have constantly had massages from people who DO NOT! Therefore, they think they are simply massaging my muscles -- rushed, undisciplined, busy, not quiet. I have had all these types of massages and it left me WORSE than when I went in. I would rather keep the tension in my muscles than allow people who aren't aware of the body/mind/soul connection to work on my body.

Wendy. Oh my. I found my massage therapist.

The session to work on your body is 60 minutes. But she doesn't even charge you for the consultation before and afterwards that is a vital part of understanding the person you're massaging. She spends a good 20 minutes talking to you about what ails you before the massage. During the massage session she *listens* to your body as she helps heal, moving with the tightness so it can heal. She addresses the body as it needs! She is sensitive to the person you are and what you need! She doesn't just blaze through and knead your muscles to mush just for the sake of releasing lactic acid. She GETS IT. She is a partner in healing your body, mind and soul.

She then sits you down again after the massage, explains to you your ailments and why they are there. She explains what she would recommend for further treatment. I mean, she literally gives you 1.5-2 hours of her time when you figure in all the consulting.

She is a disciplined massage therapist who is so respectful of the holistic person you are in need of healing.

She really is amazing.

Very professional, very respectful. Her location is clean and soothing. It's a safe place to unwind and heal.

I read another review that said they came from Temecula to Ontario just to see her. I drive 30 minutes from Riverside to Ont for the same reason -- because there is no comparison nor anyone else who can massage me exactly as I am needing. No other massage therapist is LISTENING to my body to see what I need!

She does massage by appointment only but is very flexible about getting your a massage time. She is prompt at responding to her emails or texts. She is quick to find a time slot for you.

HIGHLY recommended. Her pricing is so so so reasonable yet she gives you so much more than you pay her for.

Go to her! She is the best of massage therapists. I know this because I've been LOOKING for a long time and I just can't handle the mediocrity of other massage therapists. Go. I don't think you'll regret it. (and if you don't go, more for me!!!! =) jk)

Leila D.

Riverside, CA



Lately I've been having excessive fluid in my body & had been researching lymphatic drainage massage thinking it would make me feel better. Not a lot of people do it. I found a few therapists who were a distance from me but wasn't sure if it was a good fit. one more search on yelp & found this place.

I made an appointment and have to say I was very pleased. I had an appointment with Wendy, who sat down with me and went over my questionnaire and explained what was going to happen.

She sat down and talked to me about the massage , my concerns , problem areas and took notes. One hour later, I felt better, my body felt better. That night I slept better and fluid started leaving my body. Those areas that felt tight were getting loose. I feel better each day that passes!

Wendy has a sweet spirit as well as very professional and respectful. Pricing is great and scheduling flexible. You will b pleased. Can't wait until my next appointment!

Renee F.
Diamond Bar, CA



Wendy is truly gifted. I was in a lot of pain and had fruitlessly driven 2 hours for massage therapy elsewhere. I was fortunate enough to find Wendy nearby my parents' home. In two sessions, she helped relieve my neck, back and shoulder pain through her masterful touch. She was thorough in explaining how she thought she could help and what modalities might work best for me. Wendy was genuinely concerned about helping me heal and was amazing to work with. She listened to me and my body and gave me the treatment that I desperately needed. Thank you, Wendy! You are an angel and I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with you.

Chris K.
New Haven, CT



Wendy was amazing. I was looking for a place since I am not from the area. I love places that aren't chains...the massage therapists are more personal. Made my appointment via email. She was very nice and made me feel at ease right away. Her set up was professional and loved the way she styled the area. 

She asked about my problem areas and where I wanted her to spend the most time. The pressure was perfect and she always made sure I was comfortable. I will definitely come back whenever I come back to Ontario.

Jenn R.

Elk Grove, CA



Wendy's hands are perfect!!  She provides excellent services at an affordable rate.  She explains all that was done after the massage session and gives a personalized overview of what physical issues(muscle tightness in my case) one has based on her observations. Very professional and personable, I will be referring all of my family in the Inland Empire to Wendy.

Gabriel I.

Chino, CA



I went in for my first ever prenatal massage yesterday, and it was amazing! By far the best and most relaxing massage I've ever had. 
I left feeling like I was walking clouds. I will definitely be back!

Jen R.

Mira Loma, CA



Fantastic massage in a caring environment. Recommend Wendy to all who care about their health. Hands that heal, an attitude with all the right values.

Eddie Pomykala



I wish I could give more than five stars -- there should be a way to give a special, golden halo rating for that one practitioner who is so superb as to really exceed the available ratings system.  Wendy is such a person.

Wendy is very well-trained in a number of healing modalities and thus able to tailor her massage therapy to the needs of the particular client.  But so are a fair number of people.  What makes her a truly exceptional healer is her gift for listening and for intuitive touch.  As soon as I met her I felt at ease.  I have nerve damage in my face that makes it difficult for me to relax when a new person is massaging me; Wendy completely understood not only the specific nerve involved but the complexity of my pain, and also made astute -- but gentle -- observations about ways that other body systems were involved.  I could tell that she would be not only respectful but very knowledgeable.  This allowed me for the first time in years to truly relax during a massage.  What a difference!

I also found that Wendy was extremely perceptive about what I was feeling and experiencing during the massage itself.  My comfort was paramount to her.  Lots of massage therapists tell you to speak up, but she really made it easy.  She was also QUIET, which I value -- the last thing I want is someone chatting during a massage (and as we all know, that happens far too frequently).  When we did compare notes afterward, I was amazed to learn that she had picked up on pretty much everything I felt/experienced during the massage, including temperature sensations and other very subtle responses.  That simply has not happened to me before.

This woman is a true healer, and I would urge anyone who wants/needs a massage to visit her.  You will leave feeling cared for and restored, not just on a physical level, but in a deeper way.  I will definitely be back.

Elizabeth G.

Riverside, CA



Wendy has restored my faith in massage therapy. I have had hundreds of massages, some great, some horrible. I've also unfortunately been exposed to the real creeps that work as massage therapists which ended up making massage a very tense process for me - very hard for me to truly let go and relax when I'm constantly following where their hands are. 

Wendy is one of the most professional massage therapists I've ever been to. She welcomes you and sits down with you before the massage to address areas of pain/concern then offers a technique to help relieve that. She drapes appropriately always ensuring you are comfortable. She can sense when you are uncomfortable or something is painful, very intuitive which is hard to find in a therapist. She also doesnt talk to you during the massage unless you engage her. Afterwards she sits down and talks to you about what she noticed while massaging you (areas of tightness or pain) she suggests things you can do at home to help. Best of all she remembers these conversations. I've gone back weeks later and she pulls out my chart and reviews everything again to make sure we are on the same page. 

She actually massages you for the entire time. It's something I keep a close eye on. If I'm paying for 90min I want 90min of massage, not 10min of consult and 80 minutes massage. 

She's not afraid to suggest things she thinks will help. On my second massage I was having a lot of tightness  so she asked me if I had ever experienced cupping - which I hadn't.  She thoroughly explained the process and why it's beneficial and I was a big fan after it was done. It really helped! She knows her field and she knows how to treat her clients. I now am starting to get to the point of truly relaxing during the massage and filling trusting massage therapist again.  Thank Wendy!

Mariah S.

Moreno Valley, CA



Thank you so much for a wonderful holistic experience!

Melanie S.




I have been to Wendy's massage for three times, and my knees have been feeling much better--no more sharp pain and stiffness. The approach i had last two times was myofascial release, combined with other approaches. strongly recommend for those who need healthcare therapy. my upper back feels more open-up afterwards. Wendy is very professional. she knows what types of approach are good for my body.

Yao Z.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA




I've never left a Yelp review before, but I discovered Wendy through yelp. All the reviews are accurate and well deserved. She is very thorough and consults with you before and after, going over what you feel your problem areas are, and this does not cut into your actual 1hr. massage time. 
The environment is very calming, tranquil and CLEAN, including the table and sheets; I always get nervous places may not change out sheets, but Wendy does. Wendy's energy is so calm, genuinely sweet and patient. She leaves the room so you can change and gives ample time for you to undress and lie down before she knocks to return.
I had a lot of tension in my shoulders, neck and back and left feeling SO MUCH better. When I stepped outside, I could even smell so much better (That's never happened to me before!). She also found areas of tension I didn't realize I had, which, she later explained are all connected.
Oh! And she was even nice enough to send me a link (after my appt.) to a device she felt would be of benefit to help relieve tension in my neck, which can be linked to causing my migraines.
I will be back and highly recommend Wendy if you're looking for a thorough, professional, clean experience.

Evonne P.

Redlands, CA



I had jade & hot stone massage today. It is different from the previous massages i had at Wendy's place, which was to release knee pain. Wendy used the jades and hot stones to help my body relax. I felt I was lying on the bottom of ocean. very calm and relax. also very sleepy and did not want to wake up. 

 Yao Z.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


I found Wendy on Yelp, and took a chance.  This is my first try at a full body massage, being given by a massage therapist.  I have been to the quick ones, and have been helped by a Sports Chiropractor before, but this was a very different experience.  It was the first time I have fully relaxed in a long while, and it was extremely therapeutic, and I have coming back ever since.  

I came in here because I was having pain in my leg and arm, and the first massage she gave me was for her to find the problem areas, and the root of the pain.  I tend to ask a lot of questions, being the first time, and she answered them all gracefully, and explained to me what she was doing as she went along.  From that point she sat with me and developed a sort of plan to help me manage and not end up with the same pain. 

I genuinely appreciated the fact that she has always been honest and upfront with me.  In fact, after the first massage, she told me exactly what she found, what she recommended, in the case that I were to return to her, or continue massages elsewhere.  It struck me that she might actually be a sincere helping and healing professional, and it since has become apparent to me that she sincerely does want to help.  This is refreshing, and I believe this is why there are so many great reviews.  Once you've found a treasure, you sort of want to share/show it.

Katie M.

Fontana, CA



Wendy is truly amazing and very passionate towards her clients and her work. She listens and truly wants you to feel better and relaxed if your just in need for a massage or experiencing some pain. (Wise Wendy is your gal) Super clean and welcoming, peaceful room I felt relaxed instantly. I will most definitely be coming back :)

Julissa A.

Fontana, CA



Wendy is penonminal! Very knowledgeable and professional. She's also passionate about her work and helping you. Definitely the best therapist I ever had.

Jessica M.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Highly recommended, Wendy is great at what she does and more than met my expectations.  I received my first pregnancy massage, and Wendy listened closely to what ailments I had from the pregnancy so that she could focus in on those areas during the massage.  Additionally, she did an amazing job during the session of finding tense spots to work on to balance out my experience overall, educating me about what she noticed afterward.  And of course, overall, the experience was amazing, relaxing, and exactly what is needed after a stressful or busy week!

Traci M.

Fontana, CA



Wendy is highly skilled and very knowledgeable at her practice.  I've gone to her a few times now, and will continue to see her.  Her studio is very clean and I always feel relaxed and at ease. I highly recommend her for relieving stress, aches, and simply relaxing.

Regina S.

Fontana, CA



Wendy is great. I went to see her for a 90 minute massage two weeks after delivering my baby for a much needed massage. Upon meeting here, she immediately made me feel comfortable. The massage was great and really helped to relieve my tension. Her prices are very reasonable and I can't wait to go back.

Rosann M.

Ontario, CA



First of all, no membership required so no sales pitch to worry about. Wendy is great!!!  Her full body massage helped with my aches.  The best part is, you pay for a full hour and you get a full hour and not the 50 minutes the chain massage places advertise for one hour.  I will be a repeat customer.  Thanks Wendy.  Oh btw, did I mention it's a full hour, not 50 minutes.

Gina W.

Chino Hills, CA



Wendy gave me my first massage about a week ago, and she did a fantastic job at making me feel comfortable. It was difficult for me to relax at first, but by the time we were done, I felt so much better. She followed up with me after the massage to provide a link to a product we had talked about on amazon, and was very thoughtful and helpful. Thank you Wendy!

April T.

Ontario, CA



Wendy is very professional and very knowledgeable! She knows exactly where the pressure points are and where you need attention. I go to her practically every two weeks. I highly recommend her

Frank R.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Wendy is wonderful with her hands ! I bought a package for Lymphatic drainage massages (buy 5 & 6th is free) and it helped wonders right after first massage! She was so knowledgeable and professional ! I would recommend her to anyone ! These massages are recommended after any surgery which is how I ended up finding Wendy ! Truly happy with results!

Maricruz C.

Colton, CA



I found Wendy on yelp a couple months ago. I've brought my kids and husband in as well because she's that amazing! She's very knowledgeable and I feel fantastic afterwards for weeks!

Elvia B.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



I've been having a lot of neck, shoulder and back pain accompanied by daily headaches. I started searching for a business that I was hoping would be able to help me feel like myself again. I came across Wendy on Yelp, and I was instantly drawn to her. I knew she would be able to help me so my fiancé made me an appointment. Upon meeting Wendy, she has an amazing and peaceful aura about her that made me feel so comfortable and at ease with her. She spent time discussing many different areas with me prior to the massage. Let me note, that time she spent discussing with me did not take time away from the massage. I paid for a full 60 minute massage session and I received that full 60 minutes. Wendy used the technique called myofascial release therapy on me and it was amazing! I was extremely relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole session. Wendy finished up with discussing with me how the session went and she also gave me some helpful information to help me stay pain free. I will definitely be coming back to Wendy every month!!!

Shannon W.

Chino Hills, CA



Again, Yelp did not disappoint!!! Since my fall, I've been having pain in my arms and shoulders. Before I tried physical therapy through my work's WC medical provider, I wanted to try something that was less time-consuming and more casual. A challenge these days is you see massage parlors advertising an insane low price for one hour but their skills and certification are questionable, or massage shops that you wonder if they're legit. I didn't want a run-of-the-mill massage. I wanted therapy with a reputable massage therapist and I found her!

I found Holistic Touch Massage by Wendy right away on Yelp - there's a reason why she is listed #1. It sounded like she offered what I was looking for and for a VERY reasonable price. When I got there for my appointment, Wendy and I sat down and talked for about 10 minutes on what I was experiencing and what I hoped to achieve through massage therapy. She really listened to my issues and began a custom massage for 60 full minutes. I was so close to falling asleep and snoring :-). The decor and soft music really helps and makes it more inviting and the room is pretty big, so it doesn't feel like you're in this tiny room getting a massage.

After she was done, I got dressed and we sat and talked for another 5-10 minutes about what she noticed as she massaged me. I gotta tell ya, I have never had massage therapy but I know spas and other massage shops absolutely do not give you personal consultations or more time than they have to! Wendy took the time and is knowledgeable on how the body and muscles work together. I am grateful that I found Wendy and will continue to see her once every few weeks.

Chi H.

Ontario, CA



I've found Wendy on Yelp and just by her text messages I felt how professional she is. The massage did not disappoint at all. It was great !!! And got the full hour massage .

She is VERY knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.Already booked my next session and will definitely recommend Wendy to all my friends.

Amanda L.

Ontario, CA




I chose Wendy based on her reviews on Yelp and they did not disappoint. We emailed each other and made the appropriate arrangements. 

When I arrived, she took the time to actually HEAR me. She understood what I experienced and my need. She maintained such a professional yet friendly demeanor. She wasn't stiff but open and healing, and I am referring to her communication.

In the past, I could always tell if the masseuse was getting tired or distracted. Not once. I was so relaxed throughout. Her hands pressed firmly but not painful. I actually booked two hours and it was just what I needed. It had been over three years since my last massage but I am now looking forward to starting a monthly or bi-monthly treatment with her. If you are ever needing a massage, you NEED to contact Wendy. Please don't waste your time anywhere else.

Cruzita D.

Upland, CA



I started going to Wendy for massage because a really good friend recommended her. I was a little nervous because I am disabled and was already seeing another massage therapist. However, I was so happy I decided to go. She makes me feel very comfortable and works with my special needs. I highly recommend her!

Crystal B.

Fontana, CA



Wendy is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and sweet. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Alicia M.

Ontario, CA



Wendy is super good in what she does.  Very knowledgeable and informing. Her lymphatic  massage is highly recommended after lipo. Felt so much better after 3 sessions.

Jacqueline A.

Fontana, CA



Wendy is amazing and wonderful. She spends a great deal of time before and after to give you the best care and information about the appointment and what might be going on with your body. I would highly recommend her to anyone and on a plus her prices are reasonable.


Corona, CA



This review is long overdue. I have been going to Wendy for massages for almost a year since I found her on Yelp and saw that she could help with Fibromyalgia. Wendy starts off each massage asking where it is I am feeling tension or pain and focuses on these trouble areas. She utilizes a variety of massage techniques to relieve the tension and discomfort and you don't have to pay her extra for reflexology or lymphatic drainage as she will utilize what she feels is appropriate to your body's needs. She adjusts her technique throughout the session depending on where she finds tension and what your body responds well to. She is willing to work to help you feel more comfortable on the massage table,too, and I now receive back massages while laying on my sides rather than on my abdomen, which aggravated my sciatica. She also utilizes aromatherapy, but will adjust that as well if it aggravates your sinus allergies or causes you other problems. Wendy is kind and patient and is invested in her business and her clients as she continues to attend conventions and seminars to learn new techniques to utilize during her massage therapy. Her massages are truly therapeutic and while Fibromyalgia is not curable at this point in time, Wendy has helped me through her massages and to focus in on what my body is telling me so that I can make adjustments to my life that help to prevent a worsening of my symptoms.

Michelle B.

Fontana, CA



I recently saw Wendy for my first prenatal massage ( I'm 8 months pregnant) I wish I would have started getting them sooner! She was able to put my body ease. She was very professional, personable, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. I will definitely be going back to see her.

Jessica P.

Tacoma, WA



At 8 months pregnant, I had my first prenatal massage and Wendy exceeded my expectations. She was through and very personable which made my session enjoyable. After my session, she went over areas she found have the most tension or needed the most attention during the session. I was so satisfied I scheduled another massage in 2 weeks. I wish I would have not waited so long.

Coleen R.

San Bernardino, CA


11/10/2016   Updated review

I have been seeing Wendy for massage treatments for about two years and am pleased to report that she is just as professional and provides just as exceptional healing service as when I initially wrote my first review. I work in healthcare and am very familiar with the wide range of quality in service a person can find when seeking something as subjective as "holistic" healing. One of the many things I appreciate about Wendy is that she is impeccably trained and knowledgable about human anatomy and physiology, as well as theories and practices underlying different healing systems. 

I also appreciate that Wendy is unfailingly courteous, professional, and ethical--meaning that she is kind, courteous, appropriate in her boundaries, and that she understands and respects her scope of practice. It is possible to get a cheap "massage," with no sense of the training (or lack thereof) the person giving it has received -- or even how much the provider herself is actually receiving, in some of the less reputable and truly bargain establishments. 

I experienced a crush-type injury to my facial injuries several years ago and had been living with intractable nerve pain when I went to see Wendy. I have seen pain management specialists and virtually every kind of practitioner available in search of pain relief. Amazingly, and with tremendous gratitude, I can say that the massages I receive from Wendy have provided me with exceptional pain relief and have improved my quality of life.  Seeing such a kind and compassionate person with such extraordinary skill is truly a gift.  I give Wendy my highest recommendation and have suggested her as an excellent resource to many others.

Elizabeth G.

Claremont, CA



This is the only place I trust to get a massage! Wendy knows how the body works and is always really nice. She makes you feel comfortable and asks where you are hurting, and tells you why it's hurting during the massage. She is just amazing!

Lizette V.

Montclair, CA



In my first massage session with her, Wendy was able to relieve my sciatic nerve pain which had been bothering me for over six months, during which time I had been going to physical therapy weekly with no appreciable effect. Wendy is knowledgeable, kind and personable.  She always takes time before and after the massage to find out how I am feeling and to identify any problem areas.  I have never had an "hour long" session with Wendy that lasted less than an hour and a half. Her prices are very reasonable, especially given her level of training. I have continued to get monthly massages from Wendy, and have noticed a marked improvement in my physical well being. I look forward eagerly to my time with Wendy, and always leave feeling so much better than I did going in. I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough.  She is just wonderful.

Ann N.

Claremont, CA



After years of chronic pain I finally decided to do something nice for myself and try out massage therapy. Wendy has done a great job giving me relief. I can't even remember which  shoulder was giving me trouble anymore and I can't remember the last time I had muscle spasms. She even knows the right pressure points to work on when I am having sinus trouble. She also has been very helpful with essential oil recipes. I have been coming for the last year and 1/2 and got my husband an appointment and now we are both regulars. I look forward to my session every month. It has greatly improved my life.

Carol L.

Pomona, CA



Wendy came highly recommended by several friends and family and did not disappoint! She is very knowledgeable and professional and has a definite knack for finding and treating various musculo-skeletal issues. Thank you Wendy!

Robert L.

Pomona, CA

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